Point zéro

Choreography _ Jozsef Trefeli en collaboration avec les danseurs et danseuses
Music _ Rafael Fruttaldo et Pierre Alexandre Lampert
Costume _ Toni Teixeira
Dance _ Julian Bellini, Giuseppe Bucci, Ruth Childs, Diana Lambert, Michal Mardas, Ismael Oiartzabal, Susana Panades, Ambre Pini, Amaury Reot, Claire-Marie Ricarte, Gabor Varga, Kylie Walters

Ten dancers, set in an aquatique world explore a vision of a post-apocalyptic potential. In a time after the « point zéro » , beyond the moment of alteration to reveal the resulting change. The audience is projected into the not to distant future to see a new universe, post-tsunami, a new daily existence from a tribe of the future.

Festival des Printemps Carougeois at Piscine des Pervenches – 27 April 2012
Official opening, Fêtes de Genève at Les Bains de Pâquis – 2 August 2012


Starstruck photographer Laurent Valdes


"StarStruck 2010"
Cie József Trefeli [CH] & Company Sum Of Its Parts [AUS]

Concept, choreography and dance _ József Trefeli
Choreographic collaboration and dance _ Victoria Chiu
Dramaturge and danse _ Rudi van der Merwe
Sound creation _ Roland Cox
Light creation _ Laurent Valdes

StarStruck depicts a society entangled in the cult of celebrity. An era in which everyone is converting to this new pop-religion. It is no longer necessary to get up early Sunday morning to go to pray, to confess, to light a candle, we no longer need painters and sculptors to recreate the arousing faces and forms of the Gods; one can reach mount Olympus of the celebrity at the simple touch of a button. Celebrity worship syndrome is a recognised disease, and a revealing sign of the melancholy of the modern western world. Inspired by this phenomenon, StarStruck observes the Stars through the obsessive eyes of disturbed fans. The work explores the confused world of the celebrity stalker, his extreme behaviour and complex psychological profile. The sheer existence of such a being is a satire of the world in which we live.
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        passio passion photographer Beatrix Gyenes  

ça passio passion ...

choreography and dance _ Jozsef Trefeli
sound creation _ Frédérique Jarabo

Poetry is presented to an audience with generosity. Revealing its essential qualities, making it palpable and tangible. A choreographic work that makes poetry dance and the body speak.
A reflection through the written œuvre “Passionnément” by Ghérasim Luca, initiated by words and movement, to find a common ground between two art forms which can bounce off of one another to reflect the force of the other and become complementary.
This poetic and choreographic performance titillates our senses and arouses our curiosity continuously. Poetry and dance bring one another to life. Words dance on the page as the dancer makes his body talk.

Supported by the City of Geneva and Library - Bibliothèque de la Cité

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Oorpheus photographer Laurent Valdes


OOOrpheus, A contemporary reading

Concept, choreography and dance _ József Trefeli
Choreographic collaboration and dance _ Ruth Childs | Madeleine Piguet Raykov | Ismael Oiartzabal
Dramaturge _ Bernard Schlurick
Consultant _ Paola Pagani
Sound creation _ Frédérique Jarabo Oberson
Light creation and photography _ Laurent Valdès
Portrait of Eurydice creation _ Christian Graeser

18 - 29 March 2009, La Parfumerie, Geneva - Switzerland

In partnership with Château Rouge, Annemasse - France
In the program of Festival Dansez !
18th International Free Theatres Festival, Szeged - Hungary
International Tanzwoche, Dresden – Germany

With the support of the City of Geneva, Loterie Romande and Ernst Göhner Foundation

József Trefeli presents the myth of Orpheus through the vibrant and compelling language of contemporary dance. This presents a new stage of development for this recognized dancer choreographer focusing his interpretative talents on the re adaptation of this ancient myth. Building on the research, begun with In.fi.ni.té.si.mal into the question of man and emotion, this piece focuses on expression through the physicality of movement, as inspired by Orpheus’ quest.

Thus, in the myth of Orpheus, art accompanies us through the journey of life, of love and of death. Young and beautiful, Orpheus used his lyre to seduce; to get back his loved one, his Eurydice, and finally to destroy himself. The choices are imposed on József: “Love, death and art are three interrelated important subjects and these three elements are reunited in the story of Orpheus.”

Jozsef has often utilized humor as a vehicle to create the rapport that connects the artist with his audience. However, a more emotionally dramatic journey is undertaken through his desire to create a deeper, more intuitive interpretation of those themes which are close to him and available in the myth. A quest for emotions permits József and the audience to find a new level of engagement, providing the perfect platform for Jozsef to provide those magical moments of lightness, drama and poetry, which characterize his work.

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infinitesimal photo photographer Christian Lutz





Concept, choreography and danse _ Jozsef Trefeli
Music _ Frédérique Jarabo Oberson
Lights _ Marc Gaillard
Costumes _ Aline Courvoisier
Consultants _ Paola Pagani & Tamara Baci

18 au 28 avril 2007
Association pour la Danse Contemporaine
Salle des Eaux-Vives, Geneva - Switzerland

With the support of the City of Geneva, the State of Geneva, the Loterie Romande, the Sophie & Karl Binding Foundation and the Ernst Göhner Foundation.

Contemporary Man is a species full of contradictions. Never has he been so in touch with his emotions that new studies in psychology now consider it worthy of closer attention. And yet never before, neither in the work place nor the social arena, has he been forced to conform to so many constraining models.

In.fi.ni.té.si.mal is an incursion into the world of emotions; it is a choreographic study focusing on the impact of one’s emotional background on one’s identity. Whether this culminates in at the full and open expression of oneself or a process of self censorship, delusion.

In this solo, emotion will be the object of exploration, utilizing movement as the vehicle to explore the infinitesimal language of emotion.

In.fi.ni.te.si.mal > video




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