Contemporary Man is a species full of contradictions. Never has he been so in touch with his emotions that new studies in psychology now consider it worthy of closer attention. And yet never before, neither in the work place nor the social arena, has he been forced to conform to so many constraining models.é.si.mal is an incursion into the world of emotions; it is a choreographic study focusing on the impact of one’s emotional background on one’s identity. Whether this culminates in at the full and open expression of oneself or a process of self censorship, delusion.

In this solo, emotion will be the object of exploration, utilizing movement as the vehicle to explore the infinitesimal language of emotion.

Concept, choreography and danse : Jozsef Trefeli
Music : Frédérique Jarabo Oberson
Lights : Marc Gaillard
Costumes : Aline Courvoisier
Consultants : Paola Pagani & Tamara Baci


Supported by : With the support of the City of Geneva, the State of Geneva, the Loterie Romande, the Sophie & Karl Binding Foundation and the Ernst Göhner Foundation.