a choreographic series by József Trefeli and Mike Winter,
each project is unique to its location.


Trace by definition means to find or discover by investigation, and to leave a mark. Each performance is entitled after its geographical location, prefixed by #TRACES. 

The focus is on making long-term relationships and finding reciprocity with those also committed to change, and initiating projects with community groups.

József Trefeli and Mike Winter continue their recent work together on UP and LIFT, both projects focussing on a sense of team work, equality and generosity towards the audience. In their new project their develop an original system by which to efficiently create new work with a focus on a three tiered equation including professional dancers, young professional dancers and non-professional dancers partaking in the process together, bringing their own personal approach to contemporary dance and colouring the project with their own particular energy.



#2050 is a performance created in Geneva in the frame of the #TRACES series. What will the dance of future look like? This is what József Trefeli and Mike Winter investigate in their new choreographic adventure. And they do it together with a various group of participants, professional dancers, young professionals and non-professionals.
Imagining a fictional underground world inhabited by tribes of dancers who have been ungraciously banished by economic forces from the city of Genève above them, Trefeli and Winter deliberately surpass predicting a dark and dismal dystopian aesthetic, and instead paradoxically turn the situation around to present a view of surprisingly colourful, energetic and dynamic opportunity.

In their vision, beneath this soulless Genève of 2050 there is optimistically a wealth of wonderful creativity occurring as a subterranean sub-culture of dancers are stimulated to react as artists do whenever presented by difficult conditions, to direct their energies into creative ambition. In this vein, the dancers have determined one important collective goal: to collaborate to perpetuate the dance of the future.


Concept & choreography : József Trefeli & Mike Winter in collaboration with the dancers
Professional dancers : Marine Besnard, Madeleine Piguet-Raykov
Young professional dancers  : Sarah Bucher, Baptiste Cazaux, Romane Peytavin
Non professional dancers : Jennifer Benard, Marie-Camille Courvoisier, Thomas Huwiler, Valentin Jaggi, Blanche Mezzadonna, Charlene Moreau, Maike Rinne,Valentine Sabatou, Julie Sando
Music  : Frédérique Jarabo
Light : Claire Firmann
Costumes  : Kata Tóth
Sets : Claire Peverelli
Photo : Gregory Batardon
Administration : Laure Chapel Paquis Production
Diffusion : Lilla Eredics

 Photos: Dorothée Thébert

Photos: Dorothée Thébert