A contemporary reading


József Trefeli presents the myth of Orpheus through the vibrant and compelling language of contemporary dance. This presents a new stage of development for this recognized dancer choreographer focusing his interpretative talents on the re adaptation of this ancient myth. Building on the research, begun withé.si.mal into the question of man and emotion, this piece focuses on expression through the physicality of movement, as inspired by Orpheus’ quest.

Thus, in the myth of Orpheus, art accompanies us through the journey of life, of love and of death. Young and beautiful, Orpheus used his lyre to seduce; to get back his loved one, his Eurydice, and finally to destroy himself. The choices are imposed on József: “Love, death and art are three interrelated important subjects and these three elements are reunited in the story of Orpheus.”

Jozsef has often utilized humor as a vehicle to create the rapport that connects the artist with his audience. However, a more emotionally dramatic journey is undertaken through his desire to create a deeper, more intuitive interpretation of those themes which are close to him and available in the myth. A quest for emotions permits József and the audience to find a new level of engagement, providing the perfect platform for Jozsef to provide those magical moments of lightness, drama and poetry, which characterize his work.



Concept, choreography and dance : József Trefeli
Choreographic collaboration and dance : Ruth Childs | Madeleine Piguet Raykov | Ismael Oiartzabal
Dramaturge : Bernard Schlurick
Consultant : Paola Pagani
Sound creation : Frédérique Jarabo Oberson
Light creation and photographie : Laurent Valdès
Portrait of Eurydice creation : Christian Graeser


Supported by : With the support of the City of Geneva, Loterie Romande and Ernst Göhner Foundation.

Other partners : In partnership with Château Rouge, Annemasse - France, In the program of Festival Dansez !, 18th International Free Theatres Festival, Szeged - Hungary, International Tanzwoche, Dresden – Germany




du 18 au 29 mars 2009, La Parfumerie, Genève - Suisse