StarStruck depicts a society entangled in the cult of celebrity. An era in which everyone is converting to this new pop-religion. It is no longer necessary to get up early Sunday morning to go to pray, to confess, to light a candle, we no longer need painters and sculptors to recreate the arousing faces and forms of the Gods; one can reach mount Olympus of the celebrity at the simple touch of a button. Celebrity worship syndrome is a recognised disease, and a revealing sign of the melancholy of the modern western world. Inspired by this phenomenon, StarStruck observes the Stars through the obsessive eyes of disturbed fans. The work explores the confused world of the celebrity stalker, his extreme behaviour and complex psychological profile. The sheer existence of such a being is a satire of the world in which we live.



Concept, choreography and dance : József Trefeli
Choreographic collaboration and dance : Victoria Chiu
Dramaturge and danse : Rudi van der Merwe
Sound creation : Roland Cox
Light creation : Laurent Valdes


Subventioneurs :  DAC Ville de Genève, Loterie Romande, Ville de Carouge, Swiss Arts Council ProHelvetia, Tapit Holdings Pty Ltd.

Soutenus par : DIP Etat de Genève, Arts NSW Government, Dancehouse Melbourne, Sydney Dance Company Studios & Western Sydney Dance Action Australia, Riverside Theatres, (re)connaissance France & Théâtre de la Parfumerie, Genève, Suisse.

Cie József Trefeli [CH] & Company Sum Of Its Parts [AUS]