Cie József Trefeli


József Trefeli is Australian born of Hungarian origins. He graduated from the University of Melbourne VCA with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance. József worked for three years in Australia before joining Alias Dance Company in 1996 in Geneva. In 2005 he founded Cie József Trefeli  for a commission to choreograph for the Association for Contemporary Dance (ADC) in Geneva.

At the same time as these creations for his own company, József Trefeli creates two choreographies for the 25 dancers of Geneva’s Ballet Junior entitled Safety In Numbers, Beach Ball & Body, and Gender Bounce in 2014. In August 2013 József  solo tap performance in the award winning show La Clique, in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In January 2013 József collaborates with Fatna Djahra and the Theatre L’Articule to create a multidisciplinary project combining marionette and dance Jeux sur l'échelle du monde. In December 2011 József choreographs La Grande Duchess de Gérolstein Opera by Jacques Offenbach, directed by Omar Porras, for the Opéra de Lausanne. In 2010, the Cap Loisirs Foundation celebrated the 30-year anniversary of its activity in Geneva with the production Stop ! I need a change !, a project lead by József Trefeli as artistic advisor.

In 2013, József creates a choreography for Vadrozsa Ensemble Budapest crossing traditional Hungarian dance and Contemporary dance entitled New Roads. József also choreographs OperAdôn by Robert Clerc, Tous les chemins mènent à Meyrin 2012 and La Divergence des Trajectoires 2013, directed by Valentine Sergo and four creations of the Théâtre Spirale, Louves 2009, La Ronde 2010, Remonter la pente 2011 and Je suis un Saumon 2015 et Les Pistes en 2017.


József teaches classes and workshops on tour with JINX 103, UP and Creature to amateurs, professional dancers, and dance companies.